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How will YOU Shine Blight?

Commissioner Britney Thornton

Before you ask, she is 33 years old!  The Shine Blight! Campaign is inspired by the "Mow the Mound" project that remediated 70+ overgrown lots in Orange Mound in 2020.  Working with resident leaders, Thornton and the nonprofit JUICE Orange Mound completed a community-based initiative that partnered with local small businesses to provide landscaping and property maintenance services.  In honor of the life and legacy of Eliza Fletcher, Thornton was inspired to kickstart her first initiative of District 10 to identify and remove blight across District 10.  All are welcome to find their own way to Shine Blight!  :)

Britney 2019 Headshot.JPG

Welcome the Youngest Female Commissioner in Shelby County history! 

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